What will your application be?

After having a look at what exactly your needs are, together we will come up with an ideal solution: Precision, reliability, and stability that you, your employees, and your clients will greatly appreciate!

Your mobile apps can extend already-existing systems (databases, CMS, CRM, warehouse management systems, e-shops, e-commerce solutions), or a customized backend server solution can be created.

Impressive and effective interface

Simplicity, precision, and swiftness are what matters when it comes to mobile applications. Neat and handy design comes naturally.

Exceptional Quality

All applications are created in highest of quality, using the best tools available, keeping all standards and recommended guidelines of Apple.

Social networks and other services

iOS apps can be connected to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and many other online services.

Connection with existing services

iPhone applications can communicate with your existing services, servers, databases, warehouse management systems, e-shops, CRM, CMS, and others, utilizing the infrastructure and services you already own or use.

Maps and GPS

iOS applications can make use of GPS and maps and respond to a change of location even at the moments when the user is not using them or the app is switched off.

Online payments within applications

Online payments directly from your customers - with credit cards or comfortably using In App Purchases.

Users, security, sharing

Application access can be conditioned by registration and logging in. The contents saved in one of the user’s devices (e.g., an iPhone) can be accessed through other devices belonging to the same user (e.g., an iPad) or shared with other users.

Offline access

Data can be accessible offline as well. Update and synchronization happen every time the device is connected to the Internet.

Application management through the web

Server solutions can be provided with every iPhone app (web backend, database). This means you can control the content that is delivered to your users and see how your users interact with your app all in real time.


My recent top projects - as a freelancer or as an agency employee.

About me


I am Etay Luz and it has already been eight years since I started creating precise native iPhone and iPad applications in the Objective-C and Swift languages using Xcode and other available tools like maps, GPS, Google API, Facebook, Twitter, StoreKit (In-App Purchase), databases, SQL, and many others.

In the past few years I have also started doing cross-platfrom mobile development with React Native and Ionic

I love working on applications for clients’ benefit and satisfaction. Nevertheless, I like creating applications for entertainment as well. A very enjoyable part of my work is to interconnect existing systems and services, which is a way to create entirely innovative and handy applications bringing new, additional value to customers.

I had the priviledge to work on three of the top 50 grossing apps in the app store, and have built a variety of apps including games, navigation, networking, music, and utility. I love to get my nerd on and code away for hours on end :-)


Contact me

Feel free to ask

I am happy to answer all your inquiries regarding iPhone and iPad applications. Do not hesitate to contact me via email, phone, skype, or even in person.

Address: New York, New York, United States (US)
               Miami Beach, Florida, United States (US)