Streaming YouTube videos

Suppose you want to build a YouTube app – or just a video streaming app that sources YouTube video. YouTube provides a library known as YTPlayerView which allows you to stream any video from YouTube. Sounds great! But wait until you try it:

* Annoying YouTube advertisements everywhere

* Only one YTPlayerView can be used in your app at a time

* When the user pauses the video – it stops streaming!

Clearly, YouTube doesn’t make it very easy for developers to really build great YouTube apps with the full freedom to allow fresh creativity. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a YouTube API that accepted the Video ID and returned all the download links? Luckily, there is!!! Check out these two great API’s:

YouTube Grabber


YouTube Grabber is completely free, and SaveDeo is free to try with the first 200/daily API calls free of charge. SaveDeo returns a very rich json, full of download links to various formats of the video and the thumbnails as well. I highly recommend!