Onboarding: Facebook vs Twitter

The on-boarding process consists of gathering a user’s email address and password among any other information necessary for the app such as user avatar, full name, gender, or bio. In the days prior to social login, this was always done with a long and boring registration form. Over the years the on-boarding experience has gotten far easier with social logins such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Some apps give you the option to login with either your Facebook or Twitter account. My experience has shown that it’s best to limit login to Facebook. The problem with Twitter login is that the user’s email is not provided by default, thus an extra prompt is required to acquire the user’s email – which is a bit clunky and can turn users off. Thus, I try to limit login to Facebook only. The true on-boarding process should be a mere press of a button and nothing more than that. Further, it’s safe to say that all Twitter users are Facebook users, but not vice versa.